My TAUZIA Privilege is a personal loyalty program by TAUZIA Hotel Management (“TAUZIA”), offering members exclusive benefits as well as the possibility to earn TAUZIA Points from participating hotels. Earned TAUZIA Points can be redeemed and used to pay partially or in full for future hotel reservations through the MEMBER SECTION on  or to pay the F& B transaction at the participating hotels.

The following My TAUZIA Privilege Terms & Conditions (the “Terms”) are intended to protect members of My TAUZIA Privilege. Should you require further clarification, please do not hesitate to contact our Membership Services at +62 21 2902 6855 or log on to
1) All individual guests are eligible for My TAUZIA Privilege membership.
2) Membership is FREE OF CHARGE.
3) Membership is open for citizens of countries where the program is permitted by law.
4) Membership is personal and non-transferable.
5) A valid email address is required to join My TAUZIA Privilege.
6) A member may maintain only one membership account and will receive a personalized digital membership card. This card can only be used by the member whose name is stated on the card.
7) Membership is valid for an initial period of 2 years.
8) The membership’s validity will automatically be re-conducted for a new period of 2 years every time a member stays in a participating hotel at qualifying rates at any time before the expiry of the current membership.
9) TAUZIA reserves the right to reject the application for, or cancel one’s membership without given reason if the member’s required info is not accurate or complete.
1) A guest must have been enrolled as a member at the time of stay in order to earn TAUZIA Points.
2) TAUZIA Points are earned for stays at qualifying room rates in participating hotels, booked either online through or through any of TAUZIA official hotel brand or individual hotel websites, or directly with participating hotels.
3) TAUZIA Points are earned for stays booked by members redeeming TAUZIA Points.
4) TAUZIA Points are not earned for stays booked through any third party channels, wholesalers or travel agents, whether offline or online.
5) TAUZIA Points are not earned for stays booked at any corporate or negotiated contract rate or on complimentary basis. 
6) Service charges, taxes and other incidental charges are not eligible for TAUZIA  Points.
7) Members are identified by the email address used to register and which is part of the member’s online member profile. In order to earn TAUZIA Points this registered email address has to be used to make reservations, either online or directly with participating hotels. Members must show their membership card upon arrival when they stay at any participating hotel.
8) TAUZIA Points are only earned when a member stays in and pays for the room booked by him/herself.
9) In case a member books more than 1 room, TAUZIA Points are earned for all rooms booked and paid by the member – as long as the member stays in one of the rooms booked. No TAUZIA Points are earned for nights when the member does not stay in any of the rooms booked. 
10) Members can log in to to check their TAUZIA Points balance and transactions history.
11) TAUZIA Points are credited to the member’s account within 2 working days after check out.
12) Claims for missing TAUZIA Points can be submitted to My TAUZIA Privilege  Membership Services via email to within maximum 30 days  after the checkout date for which TAUZIA Points are missing. After said 30 days, claims for missing TAUZIA Points will not be processed.
13) TAUZIA Points are valid for 1 year (365 days) from the date of issuance.
1) Members can redeem their TAUZIA Points and use them to pay partially or in full for hotel reservations at participating hotels via

2) Member can redeem their TAUZIA Points to pay for F&B transaction at the hotel.

3) Not applicable to Banquets & Meeting Room usage.

4) Applicable to Pitstop consumption at POP! Hotels.

5) My TAUZIA Privilege (MTP) members may spend points in exchange for reward Gift Vouchers online at Upon purchase online, MTP members must print the Gift Voucher Receipt in order to present it during the transaction.

 6) Gift Vouchers is transferable and cannot be exchanged for cash.

 7) Gift vouchers cannot be cancelled or refunded after being purchased.

 8) MTP members can purchase as many vouchers as they wish subject to the number of MTP Points available.

 9) My TAUZIA Privilege reserves the right to change the Rupiah value per point redeemable by members at any time without prior notice.

 10) The Gift voucher holder must present the printed Gift voucher or digital voucher upon redemption of service and/or transaction.   

 11) Gift vouchers cannot be exchanged for cash if not fully used in a transaction.

 12) The Gift voucher is valid for one year after purchase.

 13) My TAUZIA Privilege (MTP) members may spend TAUZIA points in exchange for the donation at to ISCO foundation through TAUZIA Equal Chance. For more info please visit


1) Members are required to present their (digital) membership card to enjoy benefits and / or discounts in participating hotels or with My TAUZIA Privilege’s participating partners. Hotels or participating partners may request for additional identification for verification purposes.
2) Benefits and/or discounts will be extended only to the member whose name is stated on the card.

3) Discounts for Room, F&B, Laundry and Spa are for prices EXCLUDING government tax and service charge.

4) Applicable for Alcoholic drinks, excluding at Peron at YELLO Manggarai.

5) F&B discounts cannot be combined with any other ongoing F&B promotions.

6) F&B discount is applicable at Taman Indah Sari Restaurant at the Wujil Resort & Conventions.
1) My TAUZIA Privilege (digital) membership card remains the property of TAUZIA. Use of the card constitutes acceptance of benefits, privileges and Terms listed herein.
2) Members are solely responsible to keep their membership profile and personal information accurate and updated at all times. Members can update their personal information through or inform My TAUZIA Privilege Membership Services in writing. 
3) My TAUZIA Privilege Membership Services reserves the right to correct any member statements or TAUZIA Points accruals or balances that are incorrect due to processing errors.
4) Earnings and redemptions of TAUZIA Points are subject to all applicable laws and regulations.
5) Benefits received under My TAUZIA Privilege may be subject to taxes. Such taxes are the sole responsibility of the member who is the recipient of the said benefits.
6) TAUZIA and/or My TAUZIA Privilege reserve the right to adjust TAUZIA Point values as and when necessary to reflect changing market conditions.
7) Fraud or abuse concerning My TAUZIA Privilege, TAUZIA Points or benefits is subject to appropriate administrative and/or legal action by TAUZIA or participating hotels or 
8) My TAUZIA Privilege is void where prohibited by law.
9) My TAUZIA Privilege is a program initiated and operated by TAUZIA. Participating hotels or partners may also have access to member’s records.
10) All interpretations of the Terms shall be at the sole discretion of TAUZIA. In the  event of any dispute, the member agrees to submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of Indonesia.
11) The general terms & conditions for online reservations through TAUZIA official hotel brand or individual hotel websites remains valid for all online hotel reservations.
12) The Terms contained herein constitute the entire agreement between TAUZIA and My TAUZIA Privilege Members relating to the subject matter hereof, superseding all prior agreements, oral or written.